Ravyn - Implementation Leader - CVG Solutions


Implementation Leader
CVG Solutions
Mounds View, MN

What was your LDRP Functional Track?


Tell us about your LDRP experiences and your impact.

My experience with LDRP was invaluable. In my first role, I worked in Minneapolis as a U.S. strategic marketer in Structural Heart and focused on the reduction of healthcare disparities in cardiac diseases. Within 18 months, I was published in a major health journal, launched a branded market development program, developed strategic ties with physician societies, and won a marketing department award for my team's work. For my second rotation, I moved to DC to work as a health policy fellow and split my time between the Government Affairs and Health Policy and Payment teams.

What was your favorite benefit of the LDRP?

LDRP allowed me to have great visibility to the company by requiring participants to rotate to two different business units and two different geographies. By taking a role in the cardiac and corporate business units, I gained a much more comprehensive knowledge about Medtronic, its offerings, its customers and its people. By having this level of visibility of the company, I could make informed decisions about where, why and how I would navigate my subsequent career moves. But LDRP not only raised my visibility of the company; it also raised the visibility of me and my work within the company. The program is designed so that participants are assigned to challenging and business critical roles; because of this design, both of my roles required buy-in of presentations to senior leadership across Medtronic. This exposure has led to mentorships, sponsorships to attend external leadership development programs, and promising career opportunities within the company.

What advice would you give to to MBA students pursuing the LDRP?

LDRP can be of great benefit to your career path once you identify key factors for why you want to pursue it. If you have a desire for versatility in your career, then this is a great path to explore. It is also a wonderful entryway for career switchers because it helps you gain multiple experiences in an accelerated timeframe.

What do you love about your job?

I am passionate about my job because what I do actually drives positive impact for my colleagues, customers and patients. By managing all the work associated with implementing strategic solutions, my colleagues can focus on building meaningful relationships with customers. I create value for our customers by leading innovative projects that make them more efficient and productive. Most importantly, for the patients, I am helping to empower them with knowledge and developing methods for them to have better access to appropriate care. Based on my description, what is there not to love about my job?!

How do you give back?

Volunteerism is a major priority for me. One of the reasons I selected Medtronic as an employer is because of its commitment in giving back to communities. Though I have moved from Minnesota, I continue to mentor two young ladies, one in high school and one in college, who I met through Medtronic programs. I have served as an elementary school reading mentor once a week for children in DC through a program called Everybody Wins! I have also led MECCA's Annual School Supply Drive as well as Medtronic's Go Red for Women campaign.

What is something people may not know about Medtronic?

In 1974, Earl Bakken met with Richard Allen Williams, founder of the Association of Black Cardiologists (ABC), to learn that the society was being formed to pay closer attention to the cardiovascular needs and challenges of the African American community. After hearing about their mission, Medtronic became the first corporate sponsor of the ABC. I am extremely proud and humbled by this fact and hope to see Medtronic continue to support diverse professional societies that have objectives similarly aligned with our own.

What advice would you give to job candidates?

Be yourself. We do not have cookie-cutter employees, because diversity of thought and experience is what allows us to be continuously innovative. We need your mind, your ideas, your creativity and your personality. The demands of operating in a global marketplace are increasingly complex; therefore, we need trailblazers who can work alongside us as we address these demands. While the marketplace is ever-shifting, the Medtronic Mission has remained the same. It has served as the foundation of our company since 1960 and is central force that unites all of our employees as one. Therefore, my last piece of advice would be to illustrate how you will contribute to the Mission of Medtronic.


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