Business Roundtable #EmbracingSustainability campaign challenges America's top CEOs to share how they are advancing sustainability.

Medtronic CEO Reinforces Commitment to Sustainability

Business Roundtable CEOs, including Medtronic Chairman and CEO, Omar Ishrak, are embracing sustainability across their businesses. Now, through the #EmbracingSustainability challenge, they are sharing progress and calling on other business leaders to balance environmental stewardship practices and social impact with economic growth for a sustainable future.

“Global Corporate Citizenship is about our social, environmental, and economic impact — and it’s an important part of how we do business and serve our Mission,” said Ishrak. “Each year, we pause to assess the initiatives we are pursuing and determine how we can best continue to drive meaningful and positive impact in each of these areas.”

As a global citizen, Medtronic strives to reduce the environmental impact of its products and innovate operations to minimize the company’s environmental footprint. This commitment was recognized by industry leaders in 2018, adding Medtronic to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), Forbes JUST Award, and the 100 Best Corporate Citizens.


In the Business Roundtable video, Ishrak talks about how — guided by the company’s 2020 Environmental Performance Goals — Medtronic proactively manages global operational energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, regulated and non-regulated waste, and water use. 

He recognizes the contribution his team has made over the past five years to achieve four of five goals early, decreasing:

  • Energy use by 18%
  • Greenhouse gas emissions by 33%
  • Non-regulated waste by 39%
  • Water use by 16%

In fiscal year 2018, Ishrak notes that Medtronic implemented a global LED initiative to reduce the energy used to light facilities. Comprising 49 projects, it is the largest energy efficiency project ever completed by Medtronic. The effort is projected to save an estimated 30 million kWh of electricity annually.

“We know there is much work yet to be done, but we are proud of the progress we have made to date and are committed to setting new, more ambitious goals to keep us moving forward,” said Ishrak. “This work — along with our Citizenship efforts related to economic, social, and various healthcare areas — is an important priority for Medtronic.” 

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Visit businessroundtable.org/sustainability to learn more about how other CEOs are #EmbracingSustainability.