Medtronic Environmental Health and Safety Policy

Consistent with our Mission, Code of Conduct, and EHS Vision, Medtronic is committed to conducting business in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner that promotes the health of our employees, customers, community and the Environment. All employees are expected to understand, follow and promote this Policy.


We will comply with all applicable Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) laws, regulations, Medtronic Standards and other requirements to which the organization subscribes related to identified EHS aspects/hazards. We will conduct audits and implement practices to ensure compliance with these requirements.

Continual Improvement:

We will establish EHS goals, objectives and targets to continually improve our performance, and will publicly report our progress.

Business Integration:

We will integrate EHS into business decisions to proactively ensure the health and safety of our employees and promote environmentally sustainable practices.

Specifically, we will integrate an EHS evaluation into product design, manufacturing and distribution business processes and services that will reduce EHS risks, improve EHS performance, and promote pollution prevention.

Communication and Education:

We will communicate this policy to our employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, community and other stakeholders. We will provide training and resources to enable employees to implement this Policy and share best practices throughout Medtronic in order to promote human and environmental health.


We will maintain an EHS infrastructure to assure the proper resources and accountability is established to meet this Policy.