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Further, together

During this challenging time, we are committed to continuing to educate and support healthcare professionals. We recognise that many are dealing with increasing complexities of workflow and may be busy supporting efforts to contain and treat Covid-19.

As needs evolve, we will continue to work with healthcare providers to navigate this new landscape and ensure that we go Further, Together.


topic one

Improving outcomes for device and heart failure patients

Triage-HF Using Remotely Monitored Data to Optimise HF Care in the Post Covid Era - Dr Fozia Ahmed (Manchester, UK) - (09:58)

Controversies and Myths in CRT​ - K. Witte (Leeds, GB) - (19:04)

Management of Heart Failure Patients Using a Device Based Risk Assessment Algorithm - F. Ahmed (Manchester, GB) - (11:18)) - (11:18)

Which Patient Outcomes are Most Meaningful In Heart Failure?​
M. Cowie (London, GB)
- (17:20)

Implementing Remote Device Therapies in the Modern Heart Failure Clinic - W. Mullens (Genk, BE) - (20:41)

Remote Management of Device HF Patients Using Risk Assessment Algorithms
H. Burri (Geneva, CH)
- (13:22)

Heart failure patients just want an ordinary life1

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TYRX™ Envelope Recommended by International Consensus2

The TYRX™ Absorbable Antibacterial Envelope was recently provided a “Green Heart” recommendation by the European Heart Rhythm Association International Consensus Document on CIED infection prevention. The recommendation is for the WRAP-IT study population and patients with other high-risk factors. The consensus document is endorsed by seven international societies. 

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COVID-19 and LVAD Follow Up 

Standardised Telephone Intervention3.



The HeartWare™ HVAD™ Pump is the  smallest, full-support centrifugal VAD designed to be implanted completely within the pericardial space. 

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topic two

Your partner in care - Patient management in the covid-19 era and beyond

Innovation in Cardiology - The Pacemaker 'drive in' Express Clinic at Wythenshawe Hospital - (02:36)

Remote Patient Management For The Post-Covid-19 Era: Practical Experience from Greater Manchester - - F.Z. Ahmed (Manchester, GB) - (08:14)

Relieving the Pressures on Healthcare Professionals Using FocusonTM

Hear from healthcare professionals how the FocusonTM service has helped them manage patients using remote monitoring.
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Partner in Care video - St Bartholomew's Hospital, London - (02:14)

Future of Continuous Monitoring in a Remote Environment - A. Patwala (Newcastle-under-Lyme, GB) - (15:40) - (15:40)

Let's talk about Patient management

We're here every day, a partner in care.

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topic three

The future is here - Meet Cobalt XT ICDs and CRT-Ds

Reducing Unnecessary Shocks with Device Features and New Smart Technologies - A. Rao (Warrington, GB) - (12:49) - (12:49)

the Future IS HERE

Meet Cobalt XT ICDs and CRT-Ds

Exclusive ATP algorithm, heart failure risk stratification, tablet-based programming and app-based remote monitoring, extended longevity, and 40 J on all shocks.

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Fewer Shocks. Greater Living.

Did you know that we are celebrating the 10-year anniversary of SmartShock? This smart technology can help steer patients clear of inappropriate and unnecessary shocks.5,6

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topic four

Cardiac diagnostics and monitoring



Heart Failure Society of America (HFSA) 22nd Annual Scientific Meeting. What Do Heart Failure Patients Really Want, and Do Doctors Get it? - Medscape Medical News - Nov 06, 2018. Available on-line at


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