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Primary Care Heart Failure Audit


Missing Patients with Heart Failure: The Role of a Primary Care Heart Failure Service, Dr Niall Campbell
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Read how a PCHF service can identify a missed cohort of patients with heart failure.

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Improving Patient Outcomes

Improving outcomes for device and heart failure patients

Aligning Heart Failure and Device Care Pathways - Fozia Ahmed, Consultant Cardiologist
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TRIAGE HFTM Technology Heart failure risk Stratification tool

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Your Partner in Care

Your partner in care - Patient management in the covid-19 era and beyond

Relieving the Pressures on Healthcare Professionals Using FocusonTM

Hear from healthcare professionals how the FocusonTM service has helped them manage patients using remote monitoring.
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Partner in Care video - St Bartholomew's Hospital, London

Innovation doesn't end at implant

We're here everyday, a partner in care.

Bluesync Technology

The future is here - Meet Cobalt XT ICDs and CRT-Ds

Reducing Unnecessary Shocks with Device Features and New Smart Technologies - A. Rao (Warrington, GB) - (12:49) - (12:49)

THE Future Is here

Meet Cobalt XT ICDs and CRT-Ds

Exclusive ATP algorithm, heart failure risk stratification, tablet-based programming and app-based remote monitoring, extended longevity, and 40 J on all shocks.


Fewer Shocks. Greater Living.

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CRM Education UK & Ireland


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