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Life with multiple sclerosis

I am 51 years old, about 16 years ago my fingertips started tingling and then the GP sent me to the neurologist and diagnosed me with multiple sclerosis.

I think at first, I was only taking Baclofen tablets but, in the meantime, my spasticity became so painful that I spent day and night sitting in a chair like this one. I couldn’t lie in a bed as I had continuous bend and stretch spasm, it was terribly painful.

"You could tell she was in Agony*" remembered her husband.

Getting a baclofen pump

I had a test placement first. I couldn’t remember how long I stayed in the hospital but I was sorry that I had to be removed again, because the spams didn’t occur, the pain was gone. That was practically instant.

I spent three weeks in a rehabilitation centre after the pump was placed, where I gradually phased out the painkillers. The pump was configurated and after three weeks I went home again.

Since I have the pump. I haven’t taken any pain medication orally or in plaster form. Within three weeks, I was completely free of pain, that is what this pump has brought me.

No pain anymore, no spasms anymore.* It’s a real miracle aid.*

- Nancy


Life with multiple sclerosis

Sarah was uneasy on her feet and had balance issues for many years before she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 30. Later, she began to have severe muscle spasms. She started taking oral baclofen, a common treatment for spasticity. As the condition progressed, the medication became less and less effective. Sometimes her spasms would begin in the night and wouldn’t stop until she took her baclofen the following day.

Sarah became very uncomfortable. She could stay awake for only a short time and was spending a lot of time in bed. When she began to feel like her spasms were running her life, she knew it was time to try a different treatment. On her doctor’s recommendation, she decided to get a baclofen pump.

Image of Sarah, a spasticity patient, in her wheelchair

Life with a baclofen pump

ITB Therapy has helped her improve her daily activities.

Sarah has not experienced any side effects or problems with the pump. However, some people do experience surgical complications, side effects of the drug, or both. There are risks associated with treatment with a baclofen pump. Please refers to section side effects and risks.

Sarah enjoys being active. She plays cards, gathers with friends for coffee and news in the morning, and participates in a writing group. Sarah says she wants to be remembered as someone who enjoyed life and was not brought down by multiple sclerosis.

The first time my son saw me after I had the pump put in, he couldn’t help but notice how nice and straight I was. He was very happy for me*

- Sarah
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