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SynchroMed II Drug Pump

Chronic Pain

The SynchroMed® II drug pump is a small, programmable, battery-powered medical device that stores and delivers medication directly to the intrathecal space, where fluid flows around the spinal cord. Since targeted drug delivery releases medication directly at the source of the pain, effective pain relief may be achieved at lower doses and with fewer or more tolerable side effects compared to oral medications, which go through your circulatory system.

SynchroMed II Programmable Drug Pump


  • Dosing can be customised to accommodate your needs at different times of the day/night or week, ensuring that you receive the best pain relief possible
  • Available in two sizes—20 ml and 40 ml—to meet your size preference and refill schedule. Your doctor will decide which size is right for you
  • Your data and therapy information are stored in the pump
  • The Medtronic targeted drug delivery system allows an MRI scan on any part of the body, under specific conditions

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