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Getting an MRI Scan

Chronic Pain

Someday, you may need a magnetic resonance image (MRI) scan to diagnose the cause of a common condition, such as hearing loss, headache, vision problems, seizures, tumours, or stroke. When you have an implanted device, however, you have to be careful about MRI scans. The good news is that your SynchroMed® drug delivery system allows full-body MRI scans.

Medtronic designed its drug delivery system so the effect of an MRI body scan is minimal. When conducted under specific guidelines from Medtronic, MRI technologists can safely perform an MRI scan on people with an implanted Medtronic drug delivery system. If you do require an MRI, work with your doctor. For warnings and precautions, refer to the SynchroMed II Patient Manual.

Before Your MRI

What to do when your doctor recommends an MRI:

  1. Tell the doctor (e.g. orthopaedist, oncologist) who ordered your MRI that you have an implanted Medtronic drug delivery system.
  2. Contact your pain specialist doctor to ask the following questions:
    • Can I safely undergo an MRI procedure since I have an implanted drug pump system?
    • Can my device safely undergo the MRI procedure ordered?
    • How and when will my SynchroMed pump be checked after the MRI?
  3. Schedule your MRI appointment.
    • Tell the hospital what Medtronic drug delivery device you have
    • Provide your pain specialist doctor’s contact information to the hospital
    • Be sure to schedule a follow-up appointment with your pain specialist to check your pump's status
  4. Be ready to show your Medtronic patient identification card during the MRI appointment. This card allows the doctor or MRI technologist to identify your device and confirm MRI compatibility.

Safety Resources for Your Healthcare Team

If you encounter a doctor or MRI technologist who seems unclear about MRI safety related to your Medtronic drug delivery system, show him or her your Medtronic Patient ID Card. The front of your card lists the model number of your drug delivery system. Your doctor can enter that model number on our MRI Safety website, listed on the back of your ID card. The website will provide FDA-approved information for safely conducting an MRI scan with your Medtronic drug delivery device.

Information on this site should not be used as a substitute for talking with your doctor. Always talk with your doctor about diagnosis and treatment information.