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Programming Your Neurostimulator

Chronic Pain


Neurostimulation works by delivering mild electrical pulses to an area near your spine. Three factors determine how the therapy will feel.

  • Amplitude of the mild electrical pulse
  • Pulse width
  • Pulse rate

You can adjust these settings with your MyStim® programmer to get the best therapy possible. Your doctor will decide which of these settings you will have access to.

Your doctor may also create programming groups that are customised for a:

  • Specific activity
  • Pain area
  • Pain type

Using your MyStim programmer, you will then be able to choose a particular group and make adjustments to the settings of that group.

MyStim Programmer Overview

Your programmer communicates with your neurostimulator by sending signals to and receiving signals from the neurostimulator. “Synchronising” establishes communication between the neurostimulator and your MyStim programmer. These two components must be properly communicating or in “sync” before you can make any stimulation changes.


The chart below gives an overview of the kind of adjustments you can make to the stimulation levels, using your MyStim programmer.

StimSettingIcons1 Amplitude is the strength or intensity of stimulation. Adjusting the amplitude higher and lower will allow you to change how strong the stimulation feels or the spread of the stimulation area.
StimSettingIcons2 Pulse Width is the duration of the pulse. By adjusting the pulse width, you will be able to change how strong the stimulation feels or the spread of the stimulation area.
StimSettingIcons3 Rate is the frequency or number of pulses delivered each second. A lower rate may be felt as a tapping sensation, or your can increase the rate to make the stimulation feel smoother.

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