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Recharging Your Neurostimulator

Chronic Pain

The Medtronic RestoreSensor®, RestoreUltra® and RestoreAdvanced® neurostimulators contain a battery that must be recharged regularly to maintain the therapy.

The following components are used during the recharge process:

  • The recharger is a hand-held device for charging the battery in your neurostimulator. The display on the recharger provides information on your charging system
  • The antenna is connected to the recharger and used to establish communication with your neurostimulator
  • The waist belt keeps the antenna directly over your neurostimulator during a recharging session
  • The AC power supply and power cord charge the recharger when its battery runs low.


Using the Recharging System

These videos demonstrate how to use your recharging system.


This video helps you understand the parts of your recharging system.


This video describes how to operate your recharging system.


To recharge your neurostimulator, your recharger needs to be charged. This video shows how to recharge your charger.


Before you can recharge your device it is important to know how to position your belt and antenna. This video demonstrates how to do that.


This video gives an overview of the icons that appear in the display screen of your recharger.


This video shows how you can tell when your recharger needs recharging.

If you have questions about recharging your neurostimulator that are not answered in these videos, contact Medtronic Patient Services at (800) 510-6735 for assistance.

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