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Why Medtronic Is the Right Choice

Chronic Pain

Your doctor has your choice of companies that offer neurostimulation therapy for chronic pain

You should know:

  • Neurostimulation therapy was developed by Medtronic and was first approved in 1984
  • Only Medtronic offers neurostimulation systems that are FDA-approved for MRI scans anywhere on the body*
  • Only Medtronic offers AdaptiveStim®, which automatically adjusts stimulation to optimal settings when you change your position from upright (sitting or standing), lying down, or upright and active
  • Medtronic has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people with chronic pain using neurostimulation therapy
  • More doctors trust Medtronic than any other company offering neurostimulation therapy
  • Medtronic is a worldwide leader in medical technology and the largest medical device company in the world
  • The most therapeutic options available to meet your specific pain relief needs are available through Medtronic
  • Medtronic offers the widest education network for your neurostimulation system and has a presence in 120 countries worldwide
  • Medtronic neurostimulators can be implanted along with a pacemaker

mr-conditional*Under specific conditions; requires SureScan® MRI implantable neurostimulator and SureScan MRI leads.

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