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About Insertable Cardiac Monitors

Fainting (Unexplained)

If you experience one or recurrent fainting spells and their cause remains unexplained, your doctor may prescribe an insertable cardiac monitor. The insertable cardiac monitor will continuously record your heart’s rhythm over long periods of time. If you experience another fainting episode after receiving the monitor,your doctor can access and download information from the monitor, which may help to determine if your fainting was caused by a heart related problem.

What Is It?

An insertable cardiac monitor, also referred to as an insertable loop recorder (ILR), is a small insertable device that continuously monitors heart rhythms and records them either automatically or when you use a hand-held patient assistant.


Our Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM)

Smaller than a key, the Reveal LINQ™ Insertable Cardiac Monitor is inserted just beneath the skin in the upper chest area.

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Benefits and Risks

By looking at your heart rhythms before, during, or after a fainting spell, your doctor can identify whether your unexplained fainting is related to an irregular heartbeat or other cardiac related problems. An insertable cardiac monitor is for long-term use.


Questions and Answers

You may have many questions about an insertable cardiac monitor and how it is able to capture information related to fainting. While many of your questions may be answered here, remember to talk with your doctor about anything more you'd like to know.


Personal Stories

Here you can read about the experiences of people who received a Reveal ICM from Medtronic. You’ll learn first-hand what life was like for these patients both before and after getting their monitor and how it may have helped them.


Patient Manuals

Medtronic device patient manuals are an excellent source of information for people with an implanted heart device. Patient manuals are normally given to individuals at the time of implant.

The manual provides answers to frequently asked questions, precautions, recommendations on follow-up care, and other information that can help you resume your normal daily activities.

If you have a Medtronic heart device but do not have a patient manual, you can conveniently access it online by clicking the English or Spanish link below to view, download, or print a copy of the manual. 

Patient Manuals

Patient Manual for Reveal® LINQ
English and Spanish

icon-pdf Patient Manual for Reveal® XT

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