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Benefits and Risks – Insertable Cardiac Monitors

Fainting (Unexplained)


By looking at your heart rhythms before, during, and after a fainting spell, your doctor may be able to identify whether the cause of your unexplained fainting is heart-related. In fact, studies show that a Reveal Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) may diagnose the cause of infrequent, unexplained fainting spells much more often than conventional testing.1

If a heart rhythm-related cause is found, your doctor may recommend therapy based on the exact cause. If your heart rhythm can be ruled out as a cause of fainting, your doctor can focus on other potential causes of your symptoms.

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All surgical procedures carry some risk. As an insertable cardiac monitor is inserted just beneath the skin, there is a slight risk of infection, and/or sensitivity to the cardiac monitor material.



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