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Living With an Insertable Cardiac Monitor

Fainting (Unexplained)

With a Reveal LINQ™ Insertable Cardiac Monitor, you will be able to continue your normal day-to-day life. If you do experience a fainting spell your heart monitor will record it. Your doctor will download heart rhythm recordings from your monitor to help determine whether you fainted due to an abnormal heart rhythm and to develop a treatment plan.

After Surgery

In general, people who get a Reveal LINQ Insertable Cardiac Monitor can perform almost all their normal activities. If you have a fainting spell after you have your Reveal LINQ cardiac monitor, promptly call your doctor’s office to schedule an appointment to check the information from your cardiac monitor.

Your doctor may also schedule periodic office or clinic visits for routine check-ups.


Daily Living

If you have a Reveal Insertable Cardiac Monitor, you already know it allows you to continue with almost all of your normal daily activities. You can swim, bathe, and exercise without fear of harming your cardiac monitor. Your doctor may ask you to limit some of your activities because of your fainting spells or until your incision heals.

Electromagnetic fields in your daily surroundings are usually weak and will not affect your Reveal LINQ Insertable Cardiac Monitor. However, strong electromagnetic energy fields may temporarily affect the data collection by your insertable cardiac monitor.


Personal Stories

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