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MyCareLink Patient Monitor

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MyCareLink Patient Monitor

MyCareLink™ Patient Monitor

The MyCareLink™ Patient Monitor may reduce appointment time by allowing you to transmit data recorded by your Reveal LINQ ICM to your doctor from the comfort of home.

Always Connected

  • The MyCareLink Patient Monitor keeps you connected to your doctor with wireless, remote monitoring.
  • Abnormal heart rhythm data is automatically sent to your doctor over a secure Internet connection.*

Reassuringly Easy

  • Uses a cellular signal and a power outlet. Setup is simple and easy.
  • The clear, understandable animated display will show you exactly what to do.
  • Go wherever you want. Your MyCareLink Monitor will go with you.*

* The monitor must always be plugged in and in a location that receives an adequate cellular signal. For automatic transmission, you must be within 6.5ft (2m) of your monitor.

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