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Personal Stories

Fainting (Unexplained)

Debbie's Story

Debbie visited her doctor after experiencing heart fluttering. After having several heart-related tests and external heart monitors, there was still no diagnosis. Debbie’s doctor prescribed a Reveal ICM which diagnosed an abnormal heart rhythm. 


Forrest's Story

One day while he and his partner transported a patient to the hospital, Forrest fainted behind the wheel of the ambulance. His doctor recommended a Medtronic Reveal® Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM). With the data collected by the monitor, Forrest's doctor found that one evening while Forrest slept there were over 400 episodes of his heart rate dipping down to 30 beats per minute.



Gail's Story

Gail fainted on the job after experiencing intense pressure in her head. Gail's doctor recommended she have a Medtronic Reveal®Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) placed to obtain more information. 



Kelli's Story

After fainting twice in two weeks, Kelli made an appointment to see a cardiologist at the hospital where she worked. Two tests – an ECG and an ECHO – were both normal. No further treatment was recommended. After fainting a third time, Kelli's cardiologist prescribed a Reveal ICM to record her heart’s activity automatically.



Lloyd's Story

In May 2010, Lloyd was working at his computer. The next thing he knew, he was lying on the floor. His doctors ordered a series of tests on Lloyd’s heart, but they provided no insight into what was causing the fainting. One of his doctors suggested that a Medtronic Reveal® Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) be placed next to Lloyd’s breastbone.


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