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Is a Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Device Right for You?

Heart Failure

Your doctor may use the following criteria to determine if you are a potential candidate for cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT):

  • You have ventricular dysynchrony. That means the two lower chambers of your heart are not beating together and are unable to pump blood to the body effectively.
  • Your medications are at the maximum dosage, but do not adequately treat your symptoms, and you continue to have a poor quality of life.
  • Your heart failure has been classified by your doctor as Class III or IV.
  • You have an ejection fraction that is less than or equal to 35% (ejection fraction is the percentage of blood pumped out of your heart with each beat).
  • Your heart's electrical activity as measured through "QRS duration" is prolonged.

Ask your doctor if you are a candidate for a CRT heart device.

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