Darshan - Sr. Quality Manager - CRDM


Sr. Quality Manager

Describe a typical day in your position.

As a site lead for Quality, I spend a lot of time with the engineering and support teams reviewing the performance indicators for our manufacturing process and participating in discussions with our sister sites in the US, Puerto Rico and Switzerland. As part of Lean process, we also perform weekly walks and review of our manufacturing lines and meet with our production team to gather feedback and improvement ideas.

What do you love about your job?

Managing quality systems at a device manufacturing facility provides an opportunity to link various aspects of the product value chain and assure that our patients receive the highest quality products from Medtronic.

How does Medtronic's Mission show in your day to day work?

We incorporate the Mission as part of our goals and objectives, and the Mission also guides our day to day decision making.

What is challenging about your job?

Working across three continents with different sites in the US, Europe and Asia can be challenging given time zone differences, but it has also proven to be a great learning experience in interacting with different cultures.

What do you appreciate most about Medtronic?

I just completed 10 years with Medtronic. During my tenure with Medtronic, I have had opportunities to work with different functional areas within Medtronic Operations (Supply Chain, Distribution, Product Development, Manufacturing and now Quality) and across the geographies. This is only possible with strong recognition and commitment for talent development by management and leaders across the organization.

What do you love about your current location?

Medtronic's Singapore team has a very diverse team with different ethnic backgrounds, which makes it a very dynamic and fast-paced environment. This aligns well with the focus and growth planned for Medtronic in Asia for upcoming years.

How do you balance your life?

I spend time with my 3 year old son Vihaan and wife Nimita. My wife and I like to try out different cuisines and spend time with my son swimming and going on occasional bus rides on double decker buses in Singapore, which he loves the most.