Lorena - Andean Region Distributor Supervisor - Neuromodulation


Andean Region
Distributor Supervisor
Bogota, Colombia

Describe a typical day in your position.

The Neuromodulation business unit of Colombia includes many different daily activities. Some responsibilities I have are the implementation of sales models, process work, Human Resources staff acquisition, inventory adjustments, customer service and brand positioning.

Why do you enjoy working at Medtronic?

The number one reason I enjoy working for Medtronic is because I am able to work with high-tech products that impact the quality of life for patients and families around the world.

What do you love about your job?

I get satisfaction from my job in seeing the outcome of patients who benefit from therapies and products that we offer.

What do you love about your current location?

I love living in Colombia because our culture is magic. Many people who live in this country are happy, as the customs and food are very enjoyable.

What advice would you give to job candidates?

Every day, strive for continuous improvement and ensure you have high commitment, dedication, respect, knowledge, strong relationships, initiative and a passion to win.

What is your favorite quote?

"Passion to Win"

How do you balance your life?

It is important that I have the right balance in my life as this is what provides me happiness, at work and with my family. Having a solid balance allows me to live in the moment and provides me with the ability to see life in a different perspective.