Hospital Recovery: The Doctor Will See You Now

Patients feeling safe to seek hospital care is essential to hospital recovery and patient health.

The Pandemic Paradox 

As COVID-19 patients filled hospitals around the world, most facilities halted “non-essential” medical care to limit exposure to the virus and manage vital resources. Not long after, emergency room visits dwindled. Patients who needed care for chronic conditions canceled appointments. Clinical trials hit the pause button. As the world recognized healthcare workers as heroes, many faced furloughs and layoffs as hospitals grappled with the economic fallout of the pandemic.


Using Global Lessons to Make Hospital Services Safer

Patient confidence in seeking medical care is essential to hospital recovery and patient health. To help, Medtronic is applying lessons learned from around the world, especially from places hit hard during the early days of the pandemic. Our team in China is helping doctors identify the best ways to reduce infection risks in the emergency room. In Italy, we helped set up makeshift hospitals. For healthcare leaders, we’ve gathered resources in the COVID-19 Recovery Resource Center. And for patients, we created Destination Health, an online resource providing answers to frequently asked questions about seeking care during the pandemic.

American Heart Association poster reminding people with cardiac symptoms to go to hospital even during COVID-19

Encouraging Patients to Get Hospital Care

When patients don’t feel safe, they delay or skip needed care. For example, although Charley Bednarsh experienced heart attack symptoms, she didn’t go to the emergency room because she was worried about COVID-191. To encourage people to seek care, Medtronic is supporting the “Don’t Die of Doubt” campaign sponsored by the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American Stroke Association (ASA). The return of patients is key to hospital recovery. 


“Patients need information and reassurance from their physicians, but many practices lack the resources to develop and implement new protocols and effectively communicate their plans.”

–Mike Weinstein, Senior Vice President, Strategy, Medtronic

Mike Weinstein

Working Smarter, Together on Hospital Recovery

Medtronic experts devised solutions for healthcare leaders trying to navigate a landscape forever changed by COVID-19. When emergency room physicians needed to minimize virus exposure, we helped redesign patient, provider, and personal protective equipment (PPE) workflows and created an implementation “playbook.” When healthcare workers raised concerns about PPE availability, the Innovation Lab at Medtronic designed a survey for healthcare workers to help them track PPE from their phones. 


Poster with PPE guidance for healthcare professionals


Living Our Mission

Airlines suffered tremendous financial losses after the September 11 terrorist attacks, but the tragedy ultimately ushered in a safer era of air travel. Likewise, COVID-19 can spur the reinvention of the healthcare industry. Guided by our Mission to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life, Medtronic is ready to help. We have the people, ideas, and energy to make a difference. Our healthcare partners need our help. So that’s exactly what we’ll do. We will help the healers.



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