The People Behind Our Mission

2020 Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Report

Inclusion, diversity and equity powers the potential of our people. It's ingrained into how we operate — with every part of our organization contributing to its success and accelerating its progress.

We strengthen Medtronic by hiring and developing diverse talent, creating a culture of inclusivity, measuring our performance, and being transparent about our progress. Everyone contributes knowing they are making us more competitive as a company, which improves health for a greater number of patients in our global communities.

At the same time, to deliver equity, we recognize that we must move from offering the same to everyone (equality) and instead remove barriers by providing the right support for everyone to have the same opportunities (equity). We actively listen, learn, and advocate for dignity, creating a level playing field with broad opportunities for employees throughout Medtronic's global footprint.

We lead the way from a strong foundation built on systems of accountability at every level. This includes inclusive hiring practices, robust career development and education, data analytics, quarterly diversity reviews and active, strong Diversity Networks and Employee Resource Groups. As we look to the future, we seek ways to amplify our impact beyond our walls and get to the root cause behind lingering inequities.

Read about our work in our annual Inclusion, Diversity and Equity report.

Our most recently filed U.S. Federal Employment Information Report (EEO-1) is available for download. While we make the document publicly available, we believe our annual Inclusion, Diversity and Equity report provides a more comprehensive view of our progress, aspirations, and impact.




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