Charitable Donations Registry Frequently Asked Questions Grants and Donations

  1. Why is Medtronic disclosing donation information?
    Medtronic is proud of the charitable support that we provide to various organizations as part of our Mission to “alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life.” We also understand that transparency around these efforts is important to protect our ability to support independent medical conferences, charity events, medical education, and public education programs. We believe that our support for those organizations benefits the healthcare system and is good for patients, and that everyone involved with the delivery of healthcare has an obligation to maintain relationships in an ethical and forthright manner. Medtronic has always been an industry leader and we are committed to transparency around these efforts to reinforce the positive role that industry can and should play in the healthcare system

  2. What information is included on the Donations Registry?
    The Donations Registry lists charitable donations, including our support for independent medical conferences, charity events, medical education, and public education programs. We post the names of organizations that receive a donation from Medtronic, the location of the organization, the amount of the donation, and information regarding the purpose (for example, the title of a medical meeting). As of April 26, 2014, we post this information an annual basis, with a commitment to update the data each March.

    Donations made by Medtronic Philanthropy will not be included in the Donations Registry. Information about Medtronic Philanthropy is publicly available at Medtronic Foundation and at


  3. Are you notifying donation applicants of your decision to make funding information publicly available?
    Yes. We believe it is important to provide prospective recipients with notice that any donation from Medtronic will be posted on our website. Recipients of donations from Medtronic are notified about the posting of this information at the time of receipt of our donation.


  4. What is the scope of the Registry? Does it cover donations to organizations outside the United States?
    The Donations Registry is currently focused on donations from Medtronic, Inc.’s US operations to US organizations.


  5. Will consulting payments to individual physicians be included on the Registry?
    No. Payments to physicians for consulting services are payment for services, not a donation to support a charitable enterprise and are therefore not included in this registry. View information about other reporting under Section 6002 of the Affordable Care Act (the Sunshine Act).


  6. Why is the reporting period changing from fiscal quarterly reporting to calendar year reporting?
    We have moved to annual updates of our donations registry to better align with Section 6002 of the Affordable Care Act (the Sunshine Act), which is based on a calendar year reporting period. Beginning April 26, 2014, donation information will be posted by March 31 on an annual basis. Prior to April 26, 2014, donation information was posted quarterly based on Medtronic’s fiscal year.