Medtronic and Singhealth come together.

Teaming up to transform diabetes care

Medtronic and SingHealth look to transform healthcare and diabetes innovation across Southeast Asia. 


SINGAPORE - The Singapore government recently declared a "war on diabetes" due to the staggering effects of the disease on the country's healthcare system. Diabetes management costs the Singapore economy more than $1 billion annually; more importantly, it's negatively affecting quality of life for countless Singaporeans—daily, four people will lose a limb or appendage due to diabetes complications.

Through a new partnership with SingHealth—Singapore's largest healthcare group—Medtronic is working to change those statistics across all of Southeast Asia. The joint effort aims to deliver diabetes innovation and care improvements, including access to intensive insulin therapy, to patients living with the chronic disease.

Those familiar with the region know the partnership couldn't come at a better time.

“There is an urgent need to tackle the diabetes challenge globally to reduce the burden of the disease," said Dr. Bee Yong Mong, head, SingHealth Duke-NUS Diabetes Centre and senior consultant, Department of Endocrinology, Singapore General Hospital. “We see this partnership with Medtronic as an exciting way forward in bringing better diabetes care to our patients, particularly through the adoption of innovative technology."

With the Singapore government tapped in to this epidemic, and a new Diabetes Prevention and Care Task Force in place, the time is right for partnerships like the one between Medtronic and SingHealth.

“There is tremendous opportunity to improve treatments across the diabetes care continuum via meaningful innovation and collaboration," said president of Medtronic Asia Pacific, Bob White. "We are excited to work with SingHealth as our strategic partner to explore new approaches in solving challenges associated with diabetes care."

Through the alliance, Medtronic and SingHealth will explore new approaches to the biggest problems associated with diabetes care today. First up: developing a Center of Excellence that will focus on intensive insulin therapy for the treatment of diabetes. The center will operate out of Singapore General Hospital's Diabetes and Metabolism Centre and will focus on four main themes: clinical practice, training and education, clinical research, and patient support.

Combining the expertise of Medtronic in diabetes management solutions, with SingHealth's experience in holistic diabetes care, the partners hope to expand patient education and improve access to innovative diabetes care. In addition, provider education and training will be a focus so that physicians are up-to-date on the latest diabetes technologies and care recommendations.

Medtronic and SingHealth have a shared vision for the effort: by reaching more people they can help more patients. And by improving the care of people living with diabetes today, fewer will experience complications down the road.

“Some of today's most pertinent healthcare challenges such as rising healthcare costs and a rapidly aging population call for new approaches and models," said Ms. Thien Kwee Eng, assistant managing director, Singapore Economic Development Board in a recent press release. “We believe this will set a strong precedent for industry to participate actively in co-creating new healthcare solutions which will benefit healthcare in Singapore and the region."