Local manufacturing expected to make impact in Russia

Producing world-class Medtronic technology in Russia

Producing products locally - another way to address Russia’s leading cause of death.
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Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in Russia. But companies like Medtronic are working to reduce those numbers. 

Through partnerships across the region, Medtronic is leading public awareness campaigns about the symptoms of heart disease and training thousands of physicians each year on the benefits of stenting therapy. But another opportunity is on the horizon – in manufacturing.

Locally produced stent

Life-saving technology

Locally produced technology will be used in thousands of interventions each year.

Announced in June 2016, a new partnership is taking shape with Russian company Stentex. The goal is to produce Medtronic world-class technology locally, creating an opportunity to support thousands of interventions each year with life-saving, high quality catheter balloons and stents for the treatment of Acute Coronary Syndrome.

With only seven percent of heart disease patients in Russia receiving stents each year, the need is great.

“Having locally produced products, we will serve more patients with the best technology,” says Fedor Suzdalev, from Medtronic Russia’s Cardio and Vascular Group. “We are doing everything we can to improve the Russian healthcare system.”

Manufacturing is set to begin in 2017.