Medtronic is committed to fostering diversity to drive innovation. This fall, Medtronic in India will bring together hundreds of Medtronic scientists and engineers with a unique focus on sustainable innovation. Vijay Chari helps to break it down.

Solving big medical challenges takes two ingredients.

Sustainability and innovation.

And in Hyderabad, India, Vijay Chari is hard at work with those things in mind.

“A great idea may not be good enough if it’s not sustainable,” says Vijay, Director of the Medtronic Engineering and Innovation Center in India. “To generate a few but impactful, sustainable innovations we need to learn fast and learn early.”

Vijay leads product development teams and works with R&D leaders across the company. His focus is on medical devices and healthcare solutions, but points to examples like hybrid cars and solar power solutions as inspiration.

“These innovations have grown over time as technology advanced with a single goal – optimizing natural resources,” he says. “In healthcare, sustainable innovations are products or services that withstand similar criteria – it must advance and yet remain impactful.”

The intersection of these two ideas will be on display in December when Vijay and other employees from Medtronic in India host the “Science & Technology Conference: Asia Session.” With a strong emphasis on the Asia market, the conference theme is  focused on sustainable innovation through collaboration.

When Being Heard Makes All the Difference


The two-day event will bring together hundreds of Medtronic S&T employees for formal presentations,  demonstrations, and opportunities to network with their colleagues.

“About 80 to 90% of innovative ideas and new products never see the light of day,” says  Muralikrishna Menon, Engineering Manager at the Medtronic India Development Center. “Sustainability and innovation are not mutually exclusive — they need to be considered hand in hand.

And it requires new partnerships and new thinking.

“In simple terms, it is the ability to invent new things or scale up a solution to address a specific market need, withstanding the test of time,” says Vijay. “And collaboration is critical to its success.”