The Horn: A Medtronic contribution to Minnesota’s newest stadium

Newly unveiled artistic sculpture at US Bank Stadium represents a firm commitment from Medtronic 


"The Horn" unveiled

Medtronic employees were among the first visitors to see the completed version of "The Horn" during a tour of the new US Bank Stadium.

MINNEAPOLIS – After months of designing, modeling, and welding, a new artistic monument is finally on display outside of U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

Commissioned by Medtronic, “The Horn” stands as a representation of the company’s long history in Minnesota and ongoing commitment to the community.

“There is a lot of excitement around this,” said Rob Clark, VP of Global Communications at Medtronic. “This monument brings together two main themes: partnership and progress.”

The monument, located on Medtronic Plaza, weighs approximately 38 tons and stretches 107 feet from end to end. It took nearly nine months to design and construct. 

Photo shows the intertwined steel ribbon.

Intertwined ribbons

According to Medtronic leaders and designers from Alliiance, the two ribbons represent "progress and partnership."

“It’s been a thrill to see it take shape,” said Nina Ebbighausen, one of the many architects at Minneapolis-based design firm Alliiance. “When you get close to it, you will see the reflections of yourself and of those around you and that was by design."

Ebbighausen says the mirrored surface allows people to “view the community around them because Medtronic is about people.”

“The Horn” features intertwined steel ribbons inspired by the famous horn from Norse mythology - a symbol of the Minnesota Vikings.

“This project was one of the most unique things we’ve ever accomplished,” said Mike McGrath, President of MG McGrath. “We had to work fast as we modeled, fabricated, and welded. It was a collaborative effort from start to finish.”

The Horn has a reflective surface.

A reflective surface

Designers say the mirrored surface allows people to “view the community around them because Medtronic is about people.”

MG McGrath hand-crafted “The Horn” together in their shop in Maplewood, Minn., before shipping it to the stadium site on semi-trucks.

Thousands of Medtronic employees toured the new stadium in August and had the chance to see the official unveiling of “The Horn” for the first time.

“This monument marks the city where Medtronic was born,” says Clark. “We are going to be a part of this community for many years to come.”

The new monument is part of Medtronic’s ten-year partnership with the Vikings announced in 2015, which also includes sponsoring the three-acre Medtronic Plaza directly in front of the stadium, the Medtronic Club inside the stadium, and a community service program with the team.