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Register for a virtual BrainSense™ workflow summit

The BrainSense™ workflow offers recommended guidance on how to actively engage with BrainSense™ technology to drive insights on therapy and medication modifications. Learn how to incorporate BrainSense™ technology in an interactive environment.

More events coming soon.

Upcoming BrainSense™ summits

These summits provide a unique opportunity for clinicians to engage with a colleague who is experienced in utilizing BrainSense™ technology.* Our speaker will walk clinicians through how to incorporate the technology in their practice by using the BrainSense™ workflow in an interactive learning format.

These summits are for clinicians who are new to BrainSense™ and want to incorporate the technology into their practice. Contact your Medtronic representative for more information and future event dates.

BrainSense™ technology* for deep brain stimulation

Cutting-edge technology to inform your therapy decisions

Learn about BrainSense™ technology, the only complete deep brain stimulation (DBS) system with sensing, directionality, and visual programming so you can access data-driven insights to tailor therapy with confidence.

BrainSense™ technology is designed to capture a patient's brain signals, providing clinicians objective data directly from a DBS patient's brain to understand the impact of treatment decisions such as medication or stimulation changes.

Dr. Mark Richardson explains what BrainSense™ technolgy can do for clinicians.

Download whitepaper

Read about Percept™ PC neurostimulator with BrainSense™ technology to enhance your understanding of how to utilize BrainSense™ technology within your practice.

Read case studies

Explore real-world examples that share a clinician’s experience with utilizing BrainSense™ technology for patient therapy management.

Visit DBS Academy

Sign up and access Medtronic medical education information including DBS indications, product information, e-learning modules, webinars, and other therapy-related materials.

Contact your Medtronic representative

To learn more about the BrainSense™ workflow, please call or email your local Medtronic sales representative. If you do not know your Medtronic representative, please call our customer service representatives at 800-328-0810 to get connected. Learn more about the only complete sensing-enabled DBS system.

Percept™ PC device

Get details on the Percept™ PC neurostimulator with BrainSense™ technology.

SenSight™ directional leads

Learn about the SenSight™ directional sensing-enabled DBS leads.

SureTune™ 4 software

Discover the software that is the bridge between the operating room and programming.

*The sensing feature of the Percept™ PC system is intended for use in patients receiving DBS where chronically-recorded bioelectric data may provide useful, objective information regarding patient clinical status. Signal may not be present or measurable in all patients. Clinical benefits of brain sensing have not been established.