Watch various videos to learn more about how our portfolio can help you DETECT, REDUCE, and RESPOND to atrial fibrillation (AF), and TREAT paroxysmal AF in your patients.


Watch as Dr. Alan Cheng discusses the importance of Visia AF MRI™, the only single chamber ICD that can detect AF using a traditional lead.  


Reactive ATP™ (rATP) Algorithm delivers atrial antitachycardia pacing (ATP) to terminate an ongoing AF episode after a programmed interval, or when the rhythm organizes and/or slows. Recent evidence shows rATP reduces the likelihood of patients experiencing AT/AF.1

Learn more in this informative video as CRHF Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Rob Kowal, discusses the data.

Nearly 20 years of research and physician collaboration resulted in cardiac device algorithm innovations that help manage AF.

Watch Dr. Amin Al-Ahmad walk through this history and discuss the AdaptivCRT™ Algorithm, which reduces AF risk2, and Reactive ATP™ Algorithm, which reduces AF duration1.

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The AdaptivCRTAlgorithm optimizes CRT pacing every minute whether AV conduction is normal, prolonged, or blocked. The EffectivCRT™ During AF Algorithm automatically changes the pacing rate to increase effective CRT delivery during AF by up to 16%.3

Dive deeper with Ruth Klepfer, senior research manager, as she explains how these two CRT algorithms work together to help manage AF in this short video.


Three individual centers share their experience treating paroxysmal AF (PAF) with the Arctic Front Advance™ Cardiac CryoAblation Catheter.

Watch now to hear how the second generation cryoballoon has impacted PAF treatment in these centers.


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