MyCareLink Monitor Distribution

New regulations issued by the U.S. government on October 15 prohibit certain information technology companies from doing business in the U.S. After evaluating the impact of these regulations, Medtronic will no longer be able to distribute the MyCareLink monitors in the U.S. as they are currently configured.

Please note, we are not permanently discontinuing the distribution of the MyCareLink monitor, but instead, will resume distribution after we reconfigure the monitor to meet these new regulations. In the interim, there could be a temporary disruption in the availability of the MyCareLink monitor.

These new regulations do not impact monitors currently used by patients or monitors that are currently at hospitals/clinics. The MyCareLink monitoring system and device data are well-protected from the potential security issues identified in the executive order. The MyCareLink monitor operates in a closed network environment with no external connectivity and only transmits information that has been well-protected with modern encryption.

Patients should continue to use MyCareLink monitors as intended and clinicians can continue to distribute any monitors you have in stock. Remote monitoring is the standard of care for patients and provides many clinical and economic benefits. These include: 

  • Faster time to treatment; less time spent at a doctor’s clinic for regular checks of the device
  • Reduced time spent in the hospital
  • Potential reductions in healthcare expenditures
  • Potential increase in patient survival rates