Medtronic + CathWorks

You’re about to see more.

Our co-promotion agreement with CathWorks adds the CathWorks FFRangio®* System to our portfolio of PCI treatment options. The technology combines advanced artificial intelligence and computational science to obtain physiologic information from routine angiograms, providing quick1 and reliable2 assessment for the entire coronary tree.


Drug- and wire-free physiology

Analyze faster.

  • No drug stimulation or invasive pressure wires, reducing steps and risk.1
  • Accurate insights2 in ~four minutes.‡1
  • Advanced artificial intelligence aids in quick angiogram analysis.1

Decide smarter.

Real-time FFRangio values at every point of the vessel for the entire coronary tree.

Treat confidently.

Excellent diagnostic performance compared to invasive wire-based FFR.2

  • 93% diagnostic accuracy 
  • 91% sensitivity
  • 94% specificity

The FFRangio System has not been evaluated in patients with STEMI, impaired EF, severe diffuse disease, dilated coronary vessels, moderate or severe aortic stenosis, or a history of select prior heart surgeries.

PCI solutions from diagnosis to treatment

By teaming up with CathWorks, we can provide a variety of solutions to help you diagnose patients with the FFRangio System, customize your procedures with our portfolio of tools, and treat patients with the most deliverable DES.‡3

Treat patients with the most deliverable DES.

Onyx Frontier™ DES features an enhanced delivery system,§ making it the most deliverable stent on the market.3 And it’s the first and only drug-eluting stent FDA approved for non-left main bifurcation PCI using the provisional stenting technique.

Onyx Frontier drug-eluting stent


Bifurcation education built for you.

With exclusive FDA approval for the treatment of bifurcation lesions, we can provide comprehensive non-LM bifurcation education focused on the provisional stenting technique.

Illustration of Onyx Frontier DES inside the body with a catheter running through it and out of it

Customize your procedure with a full range of tools:

The information provided by the CathWorks FFRangio System is intended to be used by a qualified clinician in conjunction with the patient’s clinical history, symptoms, and other diagnostic tests, as well as the clinician’s professional evaluation.


®Third-party brands are trademarks of their respective owners.

Compared to wired FFR.

Rates listed are on a per lesion basis and variations apply.


Stent delivery system updates were implemented on the 2.0–4.0 mm Onyx Frontier DES diameters.



Omori H, Witberg G, Kawase Y, et al. Angiogram based fractional flow reserve in patients with dual/triple vessel coronary artery disease. Int J Cardiol. May 15, 2019;283:17–22.


Witberg G, De Bruyne B, Fearon WF, et al. Diagnostic performance of angiogram-derived fractional flow reserve: a pooled analysis of 5 prospective cohort studies. JACC Cardiovasc Interv. February 24, 2020;13(4):488–497.


Based on bench test data (method D00117002). May not be indicative of clinical performance. n = 7 of each 3.0 mm DES: Onyx Frontier DES, Orsiro®* Mission DES, Resolute Onyx™ DES, XIENCE Skypoint™* DES, SYNERGY™* DES, Ultimaster™* Tansei™* DES.