The Cusp Overlap Technique Driving Consistency in Your TAVR Procedures


Reliable view. Accurate valve deployment.

The cusp overlap technique isolates the non-coronary cusp to provide an accurate anatomical view to assess and achieve the target implant depth.


Valve deployment at the desired depth.

Positioning the flush port at
3 o’clock helps achieve commissural alignment that may facilitate future coronary access.1

Chart showing the new PPI rate in seven studies over a 30-day period

Cusp Overlap Data Summary

The cusp overlap technique has been associated with single-digit pacemaker rates in several single-center and multicenter clinical studies. Large, prospective studies are being performed to confirm the risks and benefits of this new implant strategy.

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Discharge rates.

53 Evolut, 3 ACURATE neo™*, 5 Portico™*.


Timepoint not specified.



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