Clearum™ HS series
high flux dialyzer

A new filtration option you can trust.
For acute and chronic hemodialysis.

Alert Important Safety Information

Broadening your dialyzer selection means strengthening access to the tools you need for your practice and for your patients. Evaluate how the new Clearum™ dialyzer stacks-up to your current choices.

Sieving coefficient1
Inulin* ~1
Myoglobin* > 0.5
Albumin** 0.004

MW (kDa)

*Sieving coefficient values as per IFU
**Experimental mean value within the limit of ≤ 0.01 as reported in the IFU

Promote toxin removal and retention of critical proteins.


Clearance and UF coefficient performance1

Model   In vitro clearance†† UF coefficient‡‡
 Vitamin B12
 HS 13  246  220  205  141  42
 HS 15  264  240  226  160  48
 HS 17  266  243  231  167  55
 HS 20  271  253  243  184  64
 HS 22  275  258  248  194  70
†† In vitro clearance : QB = 300 mL/min, QF = 10 mL/min, QD = 500 mL/min
‡‡ Ultrafiltration coefficient : QB = 300 mL/min, bovine blood Hct = 32±3%, protein = 60±5 g/L


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