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Medtronic Now Managing Diabetes360 Clinics in Dallas, Texas

Medtronic, a world leader in diabetes care, is now providing management services to a number of Dallas-area diabetes clinics, Diabetes360, located in in Arlington, Las Colinas, and Plano, Texas. Medtronic is excited to enter into a relationship with local clinicians who are committed to improving care for people with diabetes.

The group of prescribing clinicians running these clinics contracted with a Medtronic MSO (management service organization) to provide administrative operational support, such as information technology, billing, collections, equipment, supplies, space, and support personnel. Medtronic and its clinical partners have established proven processes and principles to ensure clinical decision-making is not compromised and remains in the hands of prescribing clinicians. For example, employees of the physician group are not Medtronic employees. The prescribing clinicians will maintain their professional autonomy and independence in decision-making, as well as therapy and brand choice. 


The Medtronic MSO is part of Integrated Health Solutions (IHS) at Medtronic, a separate legal entity that houses the Medtronic services and solutions business and is unrelated to the manufacture and sale of medical therapies and products. IHS has robust firewalls that are designed to prevent the inappropriate flow of information, such as protected patient data and sensitive clinical operations data (e.g., pricing information), and help maintain independence from the diabetes device company — ensuring that the physician group retains full control over clinical decision-making. This structure is similar to what Medtronic developed with a number of hospital systems in which Medtronic manages the operational aspects of the hospitals' cardiac catheterization labs.


This group of diabetes clinicians in Dallas has both a good cultural and philosophical fit with Medtronic. Both see value in approaching diabetes care through use of Integrated Practice Units (IPUs), a multidisciplinary team of clinical and nonclinical personnel — including medical doctors, nurses, educators, dieticians, and administrative staff — focusing solely on diabetes care and taking responsibility for the full cycle of care. Medtronic, who is also viewed as a leader in diabetes care, makes for a good complementary fit to driving positive outcomes and experiences for patients.  These clinics already have a history of meeting and exceeding Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) measures. The clinicians involved are:

  • Paul Lyde, MD
  • Rosemarie Lajara, MD
  • Renela Gambito Suller, MD
  • Sharain Adams, NP

Medtronic has prior experience in working with diabetes clinics such as Diabeter, a group of Netherlands clinics that have been successfully expanding while continuing to provide excellent clinical outcomes along with a positive experience for their patients.


Medtronic is working to become a holistic diabetes management company focused on making a real difference in outcomes and cost. This new relationship furthers the Medtronic strategy to improve patient outcomes and save healthcare systems money by better integrating care. Medtronic envisions that this group of prescribing clinicians will, over time, be able to offer better outcomes at better costs on a consistent basis that will enable the clinic to investigate potential value-based healthcare contracts in the future.