In this retrospective, single-center analysis, SEVs were associated with lower rates of procedural PPM than BEVs.

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This may be attributed to the supra-annular design of the Medtronic CoreValve™/Evolut™ R TAV, resulting in large iEOAs.

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Evolut R TAV has the benefit across all annular sizes —

  • Similar PVR for small and large annuli for Evolut R TAV vs. Sapien 3 TAV
  • Significantly lower incidence in PPM across small and large annulus ranges
  • Hemodynamic benefit for small and large annuli
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In a recent prospective, nonrandomized registry, it was reported that the incidence of patient-prosthesis mismatch is higher with Sapien™* 3 TAV compared to Evolut™ R and PRO valves.

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A recently published paper by Herrmann, et al.4 used STS/ACC TVT Registry™* data to examine the frequency and predictors of PPM and its associated outcomes.

The data shows that severe PPM is associated with higher mortality and that patient outcomes may improve when PPM is reduced.

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The analysis set for this data included all patients enrolled in the registry between January 1, 2014 and March 31, 2017 and included all U.S. commercial valves.


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