VenaSeal Closure System

Closure System

No compression stockings*
No tumescent anesthesia
No risk of thermal nerve injury


The VenaSeal™ closure system offers freedom from tumescent anesthesia, thermal nerve injury, and post-procedure compression stockings.1*

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Low Intraprocedural Pain

In the VeClose trial, VenaSeal system patients reported low intraprocedural pain scores on a 0-10 point scale.1

VenaSeal Less Pain

Quick Return to Work

Subjects treated with the VenaSeal closure system had a quick return to work.2,3,4

VenaSeal Return-to-Work Data

Less Ecchymosis

Subjects treated with the VenaSeal system had less ecchymosis at day 3 than those treated with traditional RFA.1

VenaSeal Less Ecchymosis

Visible Varicosities

Proportion of limbs free from varicose veins increased with time from 0% at baseline to 47% at six months.5

VenaSeal Visible Varicosities Data


Some patients may benefit from the use of compression stockings post-procedure.

Results are from different clinical studies and do not represent a head-to-head comparison of the affected devices; results may differ in a head-to-head comparison. Chart is for illustration purposes only.


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Gibson, K., and Ferris, B. Cyanoacrylate Closure of Incompetent Great, Small and Accessory Saphenous Veins Without the Use of Post-procedure Compression: Initial Outcomes of a Post-market Evaluation of the VenaSeal System (WAVES Study).Vascular; 2016:Epub May 20, 2016; 1708538116651014.


Gibson K. Cyanoacrylate Closure of Incompetent Great, Small and Accessory Saphenous Veins without the use of Post-Procedure Compression: A Post-Market Evaluation of the VenaSeal System (WAVES trial): Twleve Month Data. Results presented at: Charing Cross; 2017; London, UK. 


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