Predictability. Efficiency. Control.

Introducing a unified suite of surgical technologies from Medtronic, designed to shift the way we imagine and deliver spine care — both inside and outside the OR.


What if we could?

Extraordinary engineering comes from the refusal to accept what’s possible today and to imagine endless possibilities for tomorrow. What if we were able to be more efficient, to predict more during surgical planning, and to have more control and confidence over the care we deliver?

Able to do more.

With a connected universe of innovative surgical hardware, software, and services, Aible™ brings care control closer to the people like you — people who make the biggest difference in surgical efficiency.

We are time travelers now.

The seamless integration and data-driven insights allow Aible™ to make accurate predictions during surgical planning. When we can trust these insights into a procedure’s potential outcome, we can re-imagine how to deliver a better solution for patients — before we begin a procedure.

Connected, integrated, seamless.

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