See how Medtronic and Samsung are developing digital health technology designed to improve the patient experience.

Realizing all of the opportunities digital health has to offer will require close relationships between experts in technology and clinicians who understand the realities of patient care. To set the stage, here are some fundamental insights about what the future might hold.


Let’s talk about digital health and its potential to redefine the experience for patients and clinicians.

Q: How will digital health improve the patient experience?

A: Patients are living in a connected world, and many are ready to include digital technology in their healthcare experience.1 Already, digital health tools help contribute to better-informed patients who are more involved in their health care decisions.  Looking forward, there is an opportunity for digital tools to help promote continuous dialogue between patients and physicians and produce data designed to help patients do a better job of caring for themselves.

Q: Will patients be willing to share health data with clinicians via technology?

A: Yes. Recent research2 shows that 90% of patients are willing to share health device data with their doctor, and 88% are willing to share this data with nurses and other clinicians in the practice.

Q: What are the implications for our healthcare system?

A: Many digital health innovations aim to improve patient experiences. According to one analyst, health insurance companies are realizing that digital health solutions could improve success rates for treatments and reduce readmissions.3

Q: How important is technology when it comes to patients managing their health?

A: Patients say technology matters a lot. In fact, 75% patients in a recent survey2 said that technology was either “very important” (36%) or “somewhat important” (39%) to managing their health.

Q: Which technologies do patients actually use to manage their health?

A: Nearly half of patients (46%) report using a mobile device such as a phone or tablet to manage their health within the last year, according to a recent survey.2 This number has increased 10 points (from 36%) since 2016, clearly demonstrating how this trend is growing.

Q: How will digital health benefit physicians and other clinicians?

A: Digital health has the potential to deliver significant benefits for clinicians. Most physicians (67%) believe that apps that record health and fitness data contribute to better outcomes, and 64% believe that digital technologies can reduce physician and nurse workload.1


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