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How do I give myself a better chance to find relief?

Remember the 3 Cs:

1. Complete the therapy.

Complete all 12 sessions of NURO™ for the best chance to find relief with PTNM.

2. Continue lifestyle changes you have discussed with your doctor.

Just because you are receiving an advanced therapy like NURO does not mean you should stop some of the small lifestyle changes that your physician recommended.

Your doctor may have talked to you about diet and exercise, bladder retraining, or pelvic floor strengthening — all of which may help improve your OAB.1

If you have questions about lifestyle changes for OAB management, ask your clinician.

3. Communicate with your doctor.

The journey to OAB relief may be frustrating, but there are several therapies that may help. Hopefully NURO will help you find life changing relief, but if not please be sure to check back with your physician to learn about other options. 

Why can it take many weeks to see results?

What results can I expect to see and when?

How long has this therapy been used?

What is maintenance therapy?

What if this therapy is not the answer?


Gormley, E. A., D. J. Lightner, et al. (2015). Diagnosis and treatment of overactive bladder (non-neurogenic) in adults: AUA/SUFU guideline amendment. J Urol 193(5): 1572-1580.


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Medtronic NURO™ Percutaneous Tibial Neuromodulation (PTNM) treats overactive bladder and associated symptoms of urinary urgency, urinary frequency, and urge incontinence. PTNM is not intended for patients with pacemakers or implantable defibrillators, patients prone to excessive bleeding, patients with nerve damage that could impact either percutaneous tibial nerve or pelvic floor function, or on patients who are pregnant or planning pregnancy. Do not use if the skin in the area of use is compromised. Exercise caution for patients with heart problems. Adverse events are typically temporary, and include mild pain, minor inflammation and bleeding near treatment site.

This therapy is not for everyone. Please consult your physician to decide whether PTNM is right for you. A prescription is required. For further information, please call Medtronic at 1-800-328-0810.

USA Rx Only Rev 0915

Information on this site should not be used as a substitute for talking with your doctor. Always talk with your doctor about diagnosis and treatment information.