You Don't Have to Wear  Your Heart Condition  on Your Chest

Alert Important Safety Information

For most people, getting a pacemaker also means getting some other things — a chest scar and a bump underneath their skin — daily reminders of their heart condition staring back at them in the mirror.

Leadless pacemakers are implanted directly within the heart through a minimally invasive procedure. Less than a tenth the size of traditional pacemakers, comparable in size to a large vitamin capsule, leadless pacemakers are cosmetically invisible to patients after implantation.

Recent advancements in pacing technology have expanded the number of patients eligible for leadless pacemakers. It is important to talk with your doctor to determine if a leadless pacemaker might be right for you.

Pace of Mind is an educational initiative designed to inform patients diagnosed with a heart condition about new leadless pacing options. Brought to you by Mended Hearts in collaboration with Medtronic.

Pace of Mind is a Mended Hearts educational initiative about new leadless pacing options for patients, in collaboration with Medtronic.

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