Awarding excellence in cerebrospinal fluid and hydrocephalus research


The development of cutting-edge medical technology, as well as the improvement of existing products, is a collaborative process between medical device companies, physicians and medical institutions. Medtronic is committed to continuing collaboration with physicians and their institutions in the form of donations of money and other types of sponsorships such as programs designed to educate and train physicians to allow them and their institutions to bring life-saving and life-enhancing therapies to patients worldwide.

The Pudenz Award is a research grant awarded to the academic or clinical institution, with which the nominee is affiliated, demonstrating a commitment to advancing the science of the field of CSF physiology and hydrocephalus through research published in peer reviewed journals. The recipient of the award is chosen by an independent Committee based on the extensive nature of the research work conducted by the recipient.

The award has been given since 1988 in honor of Robert H. Pudenz, one of the founders of the PS Medical Corporation (now Medtronic). He was a recognized pioneer in the field of pediatric neurosurgery. His area of research was in cerebrospinal fluid physiology and shunt technology for the treatment of hydrocephalus.

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Professor Jan Malm's and Professor Anders Eklund's many contributions, both locally and internationally, have helped move awareness of hydrocephalus forward in the medical community. They have made a significant contribution towards helping us understand idiopathic Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (iNPH). A review of their publications by the Pudenz Award Selection Committee supports the seminal role they planed in allowing better treatment for adults with hydrocephalus and increasing awareness of iNPH. 

Selection Committee (2015-Current)

  • Marion L. (Jack) Walker, M.D.
  • James P. (Pat) McAllister II, Ph.D.
  • Marc R. Del Bigio, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Conrad E. Johanson, Ph.D.
  • John D. Pickard, M.D., Ph.D.
Headshot of Jan Malm.

Professor Jan Malm

Headshot of Anders Eklund.

Professor Anders Eklund


Year Awardee Country 
1988 Isam Awad, M.D. United States
1989 James Drake, M.D. Canada
1990 Satoshi Matsumoto, M.D. Japan
1990 Shizuo Oi, M.D. Japan
1990 Alfred Aschoff, M.D. Germany
1990 J. Gordon McComb, M.D. United States
1991 Ismail El Shafei, M.D. Egypt
1991 Michael Pollay, M.D., FAANS(L) United States
1992 Maurice Choux, M.D. France
1993 Harold Rekate, M.D. United States
1994 Thomas H. Milhorat, M.D. United States
1994 Bernard Williams, FRCS United Kingdom
1995 David G. McLone, M.D. United States
1996 Concezio Di Rocco, M.D. Italy
1997 Flemming Gjerris, M.D., DSc Denmark
1998 Harold D. Portnoy, M.D. United States
1999 Christian Sainte-Rose, M.D. France
2000 John D. Pickard, M.D. United Kingdom
2001 Kiyoshi Sato, M.D. Japan
2002 Sven Erik Borgensen, M.D. Denmark
2003 Salomon Hakin, M.D. Colombia
2004 Conrad Earl Johanson, Ph.D. United States
2005 James Patterson McAllister II, Ph.D. United States
2006 Miles Gregory Johnston, Ph.D. Canada
2007 Hazel Cordelia Jones, Ph.D. United Kingdom
2008 Anthony Marmarou, Ph.D. United States
2009 Marc R. Del Bigio, M.D., Ph.D. Canada
2010 Marek Czosnyka, Ph.D. United Kingdom
2011 Esteban M. Rodriguez, M.D., Ph.D. Chile
2013 John R.W. Kestle, M.D. United States
2015 Michael Williams United States
2017 Carsten Wikkelslo Sweden


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