Paceart Analytics screen

Paceart Analytics

Managing Your Patients

Turning data into meaningful insight

There’s a saying, ‘You can’t manage what you can’t measure.’ Which means you can’t make improvements. Nowhere is this more true than in the growing cardiac device patient population. Managing patients and their cardiac device data is an incredible task that you and your colleagues undertake every day. To help you with this task, we’ve developed a tool that provides meaningful insight into cardiac device patient populations — so you can make well-informed care decisions. 

Paceart Analytics

Paceart™ Analytics compiles data that’s stored on the Paceart Optima™ System — from Medtronic and other manufacturers — into four distinct dashboards to help you and your administrators effectively manage your patients and cardiac device populations. The four dashboards include:

  • Operations Dashboard: Provides in-clinic and remote monitoring utilization, geographic distribution, and compliance for your follow-up patients.
  • Clinical Dashboard: Helps you identify cardiac device patient populations that are not complying with clinical guidelines, based on programming parameters.
  • Productivity Dashboard: Trends patient volumes over time, including implantable cardiac devices and encounters.
  • Quality Dashboard: Trends complications and contributing factors over time by implantable cardiac device type, model, and provider.

Paceart™ Analytics Overview Video

This video provides an overview of the Paceart analytics system and the various dashboards that are available to help you manage your cardiac device patient populations.
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