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The Paceart Optima™ System

Managing Your Patients

Managing device data across manufacturers

How do you manage all of the data that comes from patients who have devices from multiple manufacturers? The solution: the Paceart Optima™ system. This system organizes and archives data for cardiac devices across multiple manufacturers and serves as a central repository for a patient’s cardiac information. The system acts as a gateway through which data flows from programmers and remote monitoring websites to a clinic’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) System. The Paceart Optima system is a simplified workflow solution — with bi-directional HL7® integration — to help improve workflow management and save time. 

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An unparalleled track record:

  • Over 25 years of proven device clinic management
  • An install base of over 1,000 clinics1
  • Includes more than 3,000 devices pre-defined2
  • Integrated with 50 EHRs in over 223 clinics and hospitals1

Well known EHRs include: 

  • Allscripts
  • Centricity
  • Cerner
  • eClinicalWorks 

Any HL7-compatible system 


  • Epic
  • McKesson
  • Meditech
  • NextGen 

With the Paceart Optima System you can:

  • Manage schedules for multiple locations and resources within those locations.
  • Electronically sign encounters or review and route for others to sign.
  • Track, manage, and mitigate device alerts.
  • Obtain reports for programming, trend analyses, follow-up data, rhythm strips, encounters, appointments, and more.
  • Attach documents to any encounter, including PDFs of waveforms from any manufacturer.
A standards-driven data display allows you to determine whether imported data fields conform to the Implantable Cardiac Observations (IDCO) profile.

Medtronic Exclusives

  • SessionSync™ data transfer software can transfer device diagnostic data directly from Medtronic programmers into a patient’s Paceart Optima record.
  • EGM Waveform provides easy, intuitive import and view of EGMs associated with episodes for Medtronic devices only.
  • One-Stop Scheduling provides flexibility of scheduling from one system — the CareLink™ network, the Paceart Optima system, or the EHR — helping you save time and reduce errors.



The seamless flow of information into your patient’s EHR is something we’re continually striving for. The CareLink network and Paceart Optima system are integrated, so that scheduling is automatically shared between the two systems. Information from your patient’s cardiac device can then flow seamlessly all the way to the EHR, where one complete picture of your cardiac device patient exists — so the right care, at the right time, can be delivered throughout the life of your patient.




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