DCB TECHNOLOGY IN.PACT Admiral Drug-Coated Balloon


IN.PACT™ Admiral™ drug-coated balloon (DCB) has proven, long-term durable outcomes across multiple clinical trials, as well as across complex patient and lesion types. This strong clinical data may be explained by the mechanism of action.

Solid-Phase Drug Enables Sustained Effect

Without a permanent scaffold, DCB must transfer drug to the tissue in a manner that enables a long-term effect on restenosis.

1. Solid-phase drug delivery
IN.PACT Admiral DCB delivers solid-phase paclitaxel to the vessel, establishing reservoirs of drug

2. Sustained drug availability
These reservoirs provide a source of soluble drug which is available to exert an anti-proliferative effect on tissue

3. Prolonged anti-proliferative effect
With extended drug availability, the anti-proliferative effect of paclitaxel is prolonged

IN.PACT Admiral Paclitaxel Reservoir

Representative micrograph 28 days post drug delivery.1

IN.PACT Admiral DCB paclitaxel dose in tissue formula

Data on file at Medtronic.