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ProVia Guidewire

ProVia® Crossing Guidewires designed to cross your most demanding lesions.

Family of Crossing Guidewires

The ProVia Crossing Guidewire is designed to cross demanding lesions.

  • Accu-Core wire technology is designed to provide torque performance to control and direct the wire.
  • Rounded tip and body provide control.
  • Tapered tip on ProVia 9 and 12 wires.
  • 1-mm noncoated tip on the hydrophilic version.
  • Femoral (proximal) markers on wire, 90 cm and 100 cm from distal tip.
  • Available in Hydro-Track hydrophilic or Pro/Pel silicone coating.
    • The Hydro-Track hydrophilic coating offers optimal lubricity and durability.
    • The Pro/Pel silicone coating offers traditional performance for situations that require reduced lubricity.
  • 3-cm radiopaque tip for visibility.




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Ordering Information

Ordering Information

Ordering information for ProVia® Guidewire:

ProductProduct CodeSize (g)Length (cm)CoatingTip
ProVia 33PROV180HS3180Hydro-TrackStraight tip
ProVia 33PROV180SS3180Pro/PelStraight tip
ProVia 33PROV300HS3300Hydro-TrackStraight tip
ProVia 33PROV300SS3300Pro/PelStraight tip
ProVia 66PROV180HS6180Hydro-TrackStraight tip
ProVia 66PROV180SS6180Pro/PelStraight tip
ProVia 66PROV300HS6300Hydro-TrackStraight tip
ProVia 66PROV300SS6300Pro/PelStraight tip
ProVia 99PROV180HS9180Hydro-TrackTapered tip
ProVia 99PROV180SS9180Pro/PelTapered tip
ProVia 99PROV300HS9300Hydro-TrackTapered tip
ProVia 99PROV300SS9300Pro/PelTapered tip
ProVia 1212PROV180HS12180Hydro-TrackTapered tip
ProVia 1212PROV180SS12180Pro/PelTapered tip
ProVia 1212PROV300HS12300Hydro-TrackTapered tip
ProVia 1212PROV300SS12300Pro/PelTapered tip