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Kyphon V Premium Vertebroplasty



Kyphon V Premium Vertebroplasty is designed to stabilize vertebral compression fractures (VCFs).


The Kyphon platform is used to treat pathological fractures of the vertebral body due to osteoporosis, cancer, or benign lesions. Cancer includes multiple myeloma and metastatic lesions, including those arising from breast or lung cancer, or lymphoma. Benign lesions include hemangioma and giant cell tumor.


Kyphon V Premium Vertebroplasty utilizes a small-gauge osteo introducer to percutaneously access the vertebral body and inject highly viscous bone cement into the trabeculae to stabilize the fracture.

Maximum Precision, Minimum Exposure

With the Kyphon Cement Delivery System, the Kyphon V Premium Vertebroplasty System allows you to:1,2

  • Minimize radiation exposure by standing up to four feet away from the radiation source, which has been measured to reduce hand radiation exposure by 70% (compared to Kyphon Bone Filler Device when measured with dosimeters under fluoroscopy)*
  • Stop cement flow instantly2 by pushing the quick release button to minimize the potential for cement extravasation

Comprehensive Solution

  • 13Ga Kyphon Kurve™ Bone Filler Device
  • 10Ga, 11Ga, 13Ga straight access tools
  • Trocar and bevel stylets
  • 13Ga and 15Ga Bone Biopsy Devices

The Kyphon Kurve bone filler device, engineered to optimize flexibility and stiffness:

  • Allows access across midline from unipedicular approach
  • Features open distal tip for precisely targeted cement flow

Complete Portfolio of Bone Cement3

Kyphon HV-R™ Bone Cement

  • Bone Cement with a long history of safe use in the spine

Kyphon Xpede™ Bone Cement

  • Quick-to-dough
  • High-viscosity cement

Kyphon ActivOs 10™ Bone Cement with Hydroxyapatite

  • PMMA with 10% hydroxyapatite (w/w) in powder


Download technical manuals for Kyphon products from the Medtronic manual library. You can search by model number or enter “Kyphon” in the Product Name field.


Refer to the Kyphon Interventional Therapies product catalog for model specifications.


The mean radiation reduction at the hands was 77.79% (p<0.001). Based on an internal testing of 24 total cadaveric procedures (n=12 using Kyphon CDS and n=12 using Kyphon Bone Filler Device). Dosimeters were placed on the wrist and fingers to measure radiation when delivering bone cement into the vertebral body. Radiation result reported is based on adherence to the Directions for Use.



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