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For more than 30 years, Medtronic has been committed to transforming diabetes care.

Our goal for the future is AImed at developing technologies that are:

A history of firsts


Guardian Connect

1st Standalone Smart* CGM with predictive alerts.


Medtronic 630G System

1st system to automatically adjust background insulin.


Medtronic 670G System

1st system to help reduce lows.**


Medtronic Short Trans

1st system to help reduce severe lows.


Medtronic 712

1st system to integrate pump & CGM.*

+Smart CGM predicts future high and low sensor glucose events up to 60 minutes in advance and provides access to Sugar.IQ™ insights that can inform users of clinically relevant glucose patterns.

++ System not approved in the US.


All referenced product innovations are in development or still being designed. Such innovations are not FDA-approved and will require FDA review prior to such approval.

Enhanced Algorithm Goals+

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Our goal is to keep evolving our algorithms to provide correction for when carb counting isn't exact. Our goal is to add flexibility to the glucose target range goals and help stabilize sugar with less effort.

Enhanced Sensor Technology Goals++

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Our goal for our sensors is to simplify the overall experience by increasing the length of sensor wear, reducing punctures and calibrations, while providing disposable and more discreet options.

Personalized Insulin Delivery Goals++

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Our insulin pump system's goal is to be able to adapt to the body’s physiology and behavior by learning from activity patterns to self-adjust insulin. Imagine a system that predicts which activity is been performed and estimates the body’s insulin need. 

Extended-Wear Consumables Goals+

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Our goal is to design longer wear infusion sets to reduce the insertion pokes and simplify the overall diabetes management.

Smarter Standalone CGM Goals++

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We are working on future technology with the goal of personalizing insulin dosing suggestions using predictive analytics. Adding flexibility to optimize predictive low/high alerts while showing impact of treatment and activity decisions.

Combined CGM and Infusion Set++

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Our goal is to design an all-in-one sensor, transmitter and infusion set with longer wear and with a single insertion

+Investigational. Not approved by the FDA for any use and not commercially available in the US.

++ In development. Potential future technology. Not approved by the FDA and not commercially available. The innovations described above are all currently in development. Features and performances of future technologies may vary. Access to future technologies are contingent upon regulatory approval. Approval timelines are subject to the regulatory process of individual countries and regions and not guaranteed.

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Medtronic continues to work on delivering these new technologies to help individuals manage their diabetes. To make these upgrades easily accessible, we are developing technology to update the pump through a software download.*


*New technology described is not currently available for sale in the U.S. Any new products are subject to FDA approval. Offer subject to change without notice. 


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