POST-IMPLANT FOLLOW-UP Interstim therapy

Regular patient follow-up is necessary to ensure the InterStim™ system is providing optimal therapy outcomes, confirm component integrity and performance, and assess neurostimulator battery life.

Manage-by-Fact Patient Management Protocol

Learn about Manage-By-Fact, a protocol for managing patients implanted with the InterStim system.
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Before discharging the patient, instruct the patient to:

  • Inform all Healthcare professionals, such as consulting physicians and dentists, that he or she has an implanted neurostimulation system.
  • Avoid physical activities that may damage the implant site or the implanted neurostimulator or dislodge parts of the system.
  • Restrict activities such as stretching and lifting heavy objects, for a period of time following surgery to minimize the possibility of lead displacement.
  • Consult the physician if any unusual signs or symptoms develop.
  • Carry the Medtronic patient identification card and patient programmer with them at all times.
  • Consult the InterStim Patient Therapy Guide for answers to questions about how the therapy may affect their day-to-day life.


pdf Patient Management Guide  (.pdf)

Offers suggested best practices for systematic, objective patient management.


pdf Patient Management Worksheet (.pdf)

Used to assess symptoms and program settings and to objectively guide programming decisions.