MANAGEMENT RESOURCES Sacral neuromodulation


Practice AdvantageSM healthcare business advisors at Medtronic have been partnering with physicians and practice administrators for a decade to deliver practical tools that can help practices increase their efficiency, productivity, and success. Tools such as the Pulse newsletter, Pearl videos, and the online assessment have been developed around input from physicians and practice administrators.


The Practice Advantage practice management self-assessment is an easy-to-use online tool to help get the conversation started regarding practice improvements. The assessment provides a "snapshot" of seven key practice domains:

  1. Leadership and governance
  2. Planning and marketing
  3. Business and clinical operations
  4. Financial management
  5. Human resources
  6. Information systems
  7. Compliance and risk management

This tool will ask you to answer 48 questions based on the current status of your practice. The self-assessment takes only a few minutes to complete. One you've completed the assessment, you will receive an email with your results graphically displayed, comparing your answers to those from over 1,000 practices that have already completed the assessment.

If you are interested in using the self-assessment tool, contact us via email, or call 800-328-0810 (ask for Practice Advantage).