Help with Hearing Loss


As someone who is living with a Medtronic medical device, it is admirable that you are interested in sharing your experience or your child’s experience with a patient who is considering this type of hearing therapy.

The Sophono® Medtronic Ambassador Response Team (SMART) Program connects people considering magnetic bone conduction hearing therapy with people like you who are living with this therapy. Your role is important in helping someone or their child with hearing loss find a therapy that works best for them.


Janice, SMART Ambassador

“I’ve counseled families and adults who are nervous to put their child through it. And what I keep telling them is, it’s really quite simple. We have two children with the Sophono device and neither one of them has any side effects or problems. The biggest side effect is that they can hear. If we had to do it over again, the only thing I wish we could do differently is that this device could have come along a long time ago."

Janice, SMART Ambassador and mother of two children with the Sophono system

Prospective adult patients or parents of pediatric patients apply online requesting a conversation with a SMART Ambassador. After the person fills out an initial application form, the person can review the online profiles of available SMART Ambassadors. Oftentimes, a person may choose an Ambassador similar to their gender, age, and their or their child’s hearing loss condition. The person will also check your available timeframe in your schedule and choose a date and time for an appointment to chat.

We will send you an email with the person’s contact information and requested call time. You log onto the SMART Ambassador portal to accept or decline the appointment. We send the person an email confirming the call. You call at the appointment time.  All SMART Ambassadors are provided with a Medtronic cell phone to use.

You should expect to have two to three calls a week. Each conversation can last up to 30 minutes. If you find you are committing more than this amount of time, please contact us and we will recommend adjustments to your schedule.

Each SMART Ambassador completes an education/training module and will receive a welcome kit with important information. You will also receive ongoing emails and a monthly newsletter. You can contact us if you need help at 844-558-6656 or


Mark, SMART Ambassador

“I am SSD from birth and I also have tinnitus. The Sophono has made a big difference to my life. The sound quality is very good, although some sounds are enhanced, like rustling plastic bag or paper. After I received the Sophono system, I went to my bicycle racing club. I normally struggled with conversation since there maybe 2 or 3 conversations happening at the same time. It was hard to hear and concentrate on one specific conversation. With the Sophono, I was able to listen to and participate in conversation, and the other conversations were clearer to hear and not so distracting.”

Mark, SMART Ambassador and Sophono patient

People may ask questions like: 

  • How did you know this was the right option for you?
  • How did you know this was the right time to try something new?
  • What was the surgery like?
  • How did you feel after the surgery?
  • How did it impact your daily routine?
  • How has your hearing improved with the Sophono system?

Please keep in mind that SMART Ambassadors' comments about this hearing therapy relate to their experiences only. As with any treatment, individual results will vary. The caller should talk with a licensed physician about this hearing therapy to determine whether it may be right for the caller or their child.


SMART Ambassadors are people just like you who have volunteered to talk with others about their personal experiences with the Sophono hearing therapy. 

SMART Ambassadors: 

  • Have used this Medtronic hearing therapy for more than 6 months
  • Share their personal experiences honestly and answer questions
  • Do not offer medical advice or technical support
  • Are not paid, and are not Medtronic employees
  • Will speak candidly about their experience


The easiest way to apply to become a SMART Ambassador is to register online. If you have any questions about the SMART Program or need help, you can email or call 844-558-6656.

SMART Ambassadors are people who have volunteered to talk to you about their personal experiences with the Sophono Hearing Therapy. They are not Medtronic employees, and they do not offer medical advice or technical support.

Medtronic does not monitor or control an Ambassador's statements, and cannot be responsible for their remarks. Ambassadors are instructed not to disclose your personal information to others but we cannot guarantee this will not happen. Therefore, we encourage you to refrain from sharing your personal information with the Ambassador unless you wish to do so.

The SMART Program is not intended to offer medical advice or to replace a conversation with a physician. For medical or technical questions, contact your licensed physician, audiologist, or healthcare professional. If you have a Sophono system and need technical support, please call 800-874-5797, extension 7.