Claire Differding received her bone conduction hearing aid in fourth grade. Learn how it’s helped her connect with her sisters and perform better in school.


I have struggled with hearing all my life. Loud places like restaurants and parties are very hard on me. I cannot place where sounds are coming from and it is difficult to concentrate. It seems to be almost too loud! I get frustrated and I just get sad and do not communicate.

When I was in fourth grade I received the Sophono™ Alpha™ device. (The Sophono Alpha series was a previous generation to the current Alpha 2 MPO ePlus™ system.) I love it! It is comfortable and easy to use. I now have the updated Sophono™ Alpha 2 MPO ePlus™. This device is even better than the first device. I didn’t think that my hearing could improve more than it did when I was first able to hear with the Sophono. Now with my new device, I can hear all around me. This bone conduction hearing aid allows me to hear people from every direction.

I am pretty proud of how far I have climbed academically. I used to think I would always just be the “not so smart kid who is in special education.” Now I have improved my test scores and have climbed above district and national levels with reading and math. I no longer have to be in summer school for low test scores. I am able to travel with my family and be in clubs and camps. I love my hearing device!


Portrait of the three Differding sisters posing together outside wearing sweatshirts

I am sharing my experience with my sister Julia who is 8 years old and also has a Alpha 2 MPO ePlus™ hearing aid. Our favorite thing to do as sisters with our bone conduction hearing aids is listen to our iPod music together with the same adapter that allows us to hear music from our iPods for the first time in stereo. Alpha 2 MPO ePlus™ is continuing to be a blessing in my life. I am really looking forward to the future. I hope that with my increasing test scores I will be smart enough to be able to someday become an inventor of a life-changing device like Alpha 2 MPO ePlus™.  Every day is a new day filled with new sounds.

—Claire Differding of Lakeville, Minnesota (2015)


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