FAQ for spinal cord
stimulation patients

Supporting patients with a spinal cord stimulation (SCS) system

Here is the information you need to stay informed, stay connected, and enjoy relief.

FAQ for new patients

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Will my insurance cover spinal cord stimulation therapy?

Will the implanted device give me the same pain relief as the trial?

Will the device completely eliminate my chronic pain?

Can I control the stimulation?

Can I travel or move to another part of the country?

Can I receive an MRI scan?

Will I need another surgery to replace the SCS neurostimulator?

Why do I need a psychological evaluation before an SCS procedure?

How do I recharge my device?

How do I connect with someone who has personal experience with the spinal cord stimulation procedure?

How do I connect with someone who has clinical experience with the spinal cord stimulation procedure?

FAQ for people living with SCS therapy

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Can I receive an MRI scan?

What do I need to know about screening devices found at airports?

How can I get in touch with the Medtronic representative?

How does Medtronic SCS devices personalize my therapy?

How can I update my contact information?

How can I find a doctor or download a user guide?

Equipment: How can I replace if lost or stolen? What if I no longer need?

Where can I find helpful tips on recharging my implant?

How often should I charge my implant and how long should it take?

What should I do if the power supply cord is not charging the patient programmer when plugged in?

What happens if I don’t charge my implant battery?

Where can I go to find the meaning of the messages/codes on my screen?

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 MR Safety Triangle† Under specific conditions. Talk to your doctor and refer to product labeling for full list of conditions. Patients with non-Medtronic leads and an EMBSNV20 adaptor extension are not eligible for an MRI.


Kumar K, Taylor RS, Jacques L, et al. The effects of spinal cord stimulation in neuropathic pain are sustained: a 24-month follow-up of the prospective randomized controlled multicenter trial of the effectiveness of spinal cord stimulation. Neurosurgery. 2008;63(4):762-770; discussion 770.


Desai MJ, Hargens LM, Breitenfeldt MD, Doth AH, Ryan MP, Gunnarsson C, Safriel Y. The rate of magnetic resonance imaging in patients with spinal cord stimulation. Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2015 1;40(9):E531-7.